Bloodlines Behind Canton Pomeranians

I started out in Pomeranians in 1977 with purely Japanese stock from the HADLEIGH line except for one or two Pomeranians from Taiwan which were also distantly Hadleigh. Due to lack of experience and misguided mentoring, my breeding program eventually stopped and whatever stock remained fizzled out to obscurity. Such a waste because I think those were some of the most beautiful Pomeranians I have ever seen in my life...irreplaceable!

About 1989, a year later. I RE-started out again with completely new stock. I searched for the best I could find all over the world. I still thought that my old line was the best I have ever seen. Hadleigh. I also needed a totally different line which looked like distant Hadleigh relatives.BevNor/Great Elms.

...HADLEIGH (UK & Japan): Two Maxamillions sons and one grandson from Derek Hill(Derronill), the poms of Ruth Keyes(Tookeyes) which all came to me when she had a divorce, some of Esperanza bitches and a beautiful Japanese import PH CH Fast Dot of Chart Admiral ...all these poms could be grouped into one bloodline because they would all go back to the world famous Hadleigh bloodline... thru the Hadleigh greats like Eng Ch Hadleigh Shining Star, Eng Ch Hadleigh Twinkle Star, Eng Ch Tookeyes Toyboy, Eng Ch Derronill Maxamillion, and Irish Eng Jap Ch Daim of Sushimoto.

...BEVNOR/GREAT ELMS(US): My original Great Elms and Janesa stock plus majority of the Janshar stock that came to me in 1994, all of these could be grouped into one bloodline, ie BevNor/Great Elms. BevNor is a combination of Am Ch Theldun Almond Fudge and a Great Elms bitch(using the BevNor kennel name) producing AM CH BevNor Toasted Fudge(Big Toasty) who is behind most of the winning Pomeranians in the United States. From Big Toasty comes Southland, Janesa and Janshar.

Accordingly, my foundation bloodline is a mix of Hadleigh and BevNor/Great Elms with linebreeding being done on the Hadleigh side, mostly on the Eng Ch Derronill Maxamillion side.

The origin of the mix of the foundation bloodline of Canton Pomeranians

Whenever I thought I needed new bloodline, I sent my best bitches to the most desirable stud dog overseas. This I did, and it is interesting to note that they are somehow related to the Millamor line, as follows:

...Am Ch Valcopy Wakhan Valentino (grandson of Ch Chriscendo Calvin Klein) produced Ph HOF Am Ch Canton the Gigolo who was our winniest dog and the foundation dog of our Canton Poms today.

...Am Ch Oakridge Rock N Tradition (Jake) produced Ph Ch Canton Rise to the Call who produced Ph Ch Canton Raichu who in turn produced Ph HOF Canton Harry Potter, and so on.

...Am Ch Fame Gift of the Spirit produced one champion bitch for us... PH Ch Canton Gift of Fame, the dam of Ph Ch Canton Raichu who was mentioned earlier.

Ph HOF Am Ch Canton the Gigolo is the basis of our past and present IN and LINE-breeding program. Our most successful result is Tha Am Ch Ph HOF Canton Bravestar who is a half brother half sister breeding of Gigolo; he is our winniest pom today and presently being specialed. As of April 15, 2008, he has several Best in Shows and Reserve BIS and ranked:

...the Number 1 Pomeranian in the Philippines 2008
...the Number 1 Dog All Breed (PCCI System) in the Philippines 2008
...the Number 3 Dog All Breed (National) in the Philippines 2008
...the Number 1 Dog All Breed (Philippine Bred) in the Philippines 2008

5 Continuous Generations of Best in Show dogs from the Male Tail End of Bravestar

I always have a good appetite to look for good outcrosses to enhance my breeding program. Accordingly, more recently, I am presently using the following outcrosses/very distant linebreeding with good success:

...Am Ch Pufpride Sweet Dreams(Parker): I sent one of my champion bitches to be bred to Parker and this produced Ph Ch Canton Dreamer at Allayn and Canton Day Dream at Allayn.

...Ph Ch Pufpride Cash Attraction was acquired at an older age as another outcross Stud dog. His pedigree is more than 75% similar to that of Am Ch Sweet Dreams(Parker)

...Ph HOF JanLe Don't Make Me Laugh(Bryce) was acquired 2 years ago at the age of about 6 months. He has done very well in his show career being the Number 1 Pom for 2007. With his limited breeding, he has sired some of our best puppies.

...Ph Ch Canton Hot Brut is a line breeding of our earlier Japanese Import Ph Ch Fast Dot of Chart Admiral and his son Ph Ch Canton Orange Brutus. I have not really linebred much on this line so breeding to him will be bringing in new blood.