Development Stages of Canton Pomeranians

Our pups are usually prettiest at about 2-3 months. Very shortly after, and oftentimes earlier, they start shedding coat.  By 4 months they would have done a lot of shedding and at 6 months they are almost bald.  At about 1 to 1 ½ year they would have grown back decent coat and they come to full bloom about 3 years old or sometimes a bit later, sometimes earlier.  Though our line is very late maturing, we are proud to say that generally, our dogs age very gracefully becoming prettier as they get older.

We are happy with this development cycle because this trait is consistent with producing harsh stand-off coat without need of coat enhancers to produce the desired effect.

2-3 months old puppies


Canton French Attraction(at 1 month old) Canton My Precious Ivy (at 1 ½ months old) Canton Cover Girl(at 2 months old) Canton Heart to Heart(at 2 ½ months old ---shedding quite early)
Canton Tuxedo(at 2 ¾ months old) Canton Red Ruby(at 3 months old) Canton Passionate Lady(at 3 months old)  



Ph Ch Canton Silver Blossom


 Silver Blossom 6 months  Silver Blossom 2 yrs
Silver Blossom 6 months Silver Blossom 2 yrs



Ph HOF Canton Harry Potter


Harry Potter head 1 yr Harry Potter 1 yr Harry Potter 1 1/2 yr Harry Potter 3 yrs Harry Potter 3 n half yrs
at 1 year head study at 1 year at 1 ½ year at 3 years at 3 ½ years


Am Ch Ph HOF Canton Curtain Call