#1 Pomeranian Breeder in the Philippines from 1977 to present

#2 Pomeranian Breeder in the USA for 1999 (American Pomeranian Club)

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  • I just got back from my good friend Basilio Yap’s in Manila. It is a very long flight but more than worth it! As everyone knows Basilio is a wonderful host and really makes you feel welcome. His family is just as welcoming , two beautiful daughters, a very sweet Mom and extremely friendly extended family. The most awesome part of the trip was the incredible Poms he has. The studs are unbelievable!
  • Canton Pomeranians has been in the show scene is the Philippines since 1977 and I had my share of wins…many big wins locally. I have sent dog overseas and many of these dogs have distinguished themselves around the world in 5 continents with championship and grandchampionship titles in their new homeland. One in Australia became a grand champion and even top toy for the year. But for me, the biggest challenge is making a name for myself in the US where competition is the toughest.