64: Our visit to the Philippines by Averil Cawthera-Purdy and Sean Gwynne


by Averil Cawthera-Purdy and Sean Gwynne

Our trip to the Philippines to judge the 39th and 40th Specialty Championship Shows of the Philippines Pomeranian Club was truly a trip of a lifetime.  Who would have thought that meeting Basilio Yap of the world renowned Canton Poms at Crufts in March would result in Sean and I travelling half way round the world to judge and enjoy time in such a beautiful country as the Philippines!!!

The long flight was actually a very easy one and being met off the plane and fast tracked through the airport made us feel like minor celebrities.  Once handed into Tino’s care in Arrivals it was a car ride through Manila, the traffic is as you would expect of any bustling capital city!!!, to the famous and historical Manila Hotel.  What a truly beautiful hotel this is and so full of character and ambience and the food – well I honestly don’t think I have ever tasted better.  The dinner that night was with the Officers of the Philippine Pomeranian Club Inc (PPCI)  and we were made to feel very welcome.  The following day we were joined by David Gilstrap of the Mountain Crest Poms from the USA and together with Jonathan Nana,  the President of the PPCI,  we were taken for a sight-seeing trip in the morning to the fascinating mansion that was the home of the first President of the Philippines, Emilio Aguinaldo.  I had to get Sean to take a picture of the ‘washing machine’ in case I decide I want one like it – it could certainly handle loads of any size!!!!  After a leisurely lunch the afternoon was a trip to Intramuros, the old walled city of Manila most of which dates back to when the Philippines was a Spanish territory from the 1500s through the next 300 years.  The walled city was badly damaged during the fight to re-take the country from the Japanese towards the end of WW2 but restoration took place and is on-going.  We were treated to a horse and cart tour of the streets and buildings which include Fort Santiago, one of the oldest Hispanic stone fortresses in the country and the Rizal Shrine which recognises the life and work of Dr Jose Rizal who was tried by the Spanish for sedition and executed.  He is viewed as one of the National Heroes of the Philippines, a brilliant, well-educated and far travelled scholar who was one of the first to believe in the right of the Philippine people to fairer government and greater personal rights.

The First President's Mansion

The Washing Machine 

The pre-show Dinner was held at the Manila Hotel and we were joined by Officers of the Club, David, and Dr & Faith Ku and Frank Hsieh, who had flown in that afternoon from Taiwan.  It was lovely to see Faith again as she and my late Mum were good friends and we don’t see her often enough in the UK these days.  I hadn’t met Frank before but knew of his achievements in the breeding of the Chiao Li Ya White Poms, some of whom have travelled to Europe and the UK.  It was good to have Dr Ku as our translator. 

Saturday was Show Day.  A lovely venue, with a spacious ring and fans to keep the air moving.  We both thoroughly enjoyed our judging and, as those who know us and have watched our decisions over the years will not be surprised to hear, we didn’t do the same thing!  Yes, some places and awards were similar but our main winners were different.  I had a stunning Chocolate as my Winners Dog and a lovely Orange Russian import as my BIS from the Champions class.  Sean had a hugely coated jet black boy as his Winners Dog and a lovely Phil Ch as his BIS who had been my RBIS.  The dogs both out-numbered and out classed the bitches which was a shame as during the week that followed we saw some lovely girls who had been left home.

After the show I had been asked to do a trimming demonstration and thanks to the lovely untrimmed Ch provided as my model, who stood four square and never moved whilst I hacked away at yards of coat of superb quality to produce a Pom ready for Show on one side with the other side left to remind my audience of what he had looked like.  My apologies to his kind owner who ended up with a half trimmed dog.  I did want to finish him off but time ran out….

The rest of our stay was taken up with sight-seeing and a lengthy kennel visit to the Canton Poms, all of which we thoroughly enjoyed.  High-lights have got to be some of the stunning dogs we saw, the horse riding trip up to view the pea green flooded caldera of a volcano within a volcano.  Sean loved the river rapids which we went up in canoes and then had a raft take us through the biggest waterfall.  I’ve never  so wet in my life!  I loved Villa Escudero  and their private museum, swimming pool complex and buffalo carts to say nothing of eating lunch at the base of a weir actually in the river with the water keeping our feet cool.  And then there was the Food – superb food, and lots of it.  My diet had to slip just a little and Sean just ‘enjoyed’ being on holiday and eating everything, except the fish, put in front of him!!!!  .

            Taal Volcano,Batangas 

Pagsanjan Falls,Laguna

Villa Escudero,Laguna 

We sincerely thank the Officers and exhibitors of the Philippines Pomeranian Club for making the first part of our stay so memorable and our host for the second part of our visit, Basilio Yap, for taking such good care of us and for his generous and thoughtful hospitality.    


Judge Critique:   Ms  Averil Cawthera-Purdy

39th Pomeranian Special Show

Philippine Pomeranian Club Inc

October 25, 2014



Baby Puppy

1st - #34 - SUN VALLEY’S MAD MAX - Orange - rather short of coat but lovely shape, good tail,       very promising.

2nd - #33 - POMSOCIETY’S DREAM COME TRUE (THA) - Very pretty, good coat and moving nicely, very immature and certain respect.

3rd - #35 – CANTON BERTINA LI – Very pretty and sweet head and expression, more ring training required.

Puppy Class

1st - #1- CANTON SHADOW BOXER – Orange male pleasing head and expression, good high set tail short back moved well once settle.

2nd - #2 – CANTON DAZZLING SUN – In some ways I prefer this puppy had he settle, he has a  lovely head expression and good angulations, Also very   promising.

Junior Class

1st - #6 – CANTON DALLION – This black one on his sound construction and good conformation he has all the essentials, he just need to be made more of in the ring. Would prefer a slightly smaller eye.

2nd - #3 – CANTON PAUL NEWMAN – Sweet headed dog and will look better in full coat.

3rd - #7 – CANTON LUCKY KHAN – Rather out of coat but sound empty.

Intermediate Class

1st - #9 – CANTON TOWER OF MT CREST- Orange dog heavily coated, good shape, movement good once he settle, ear a little large head and expression pleasing.

 2nd - #10 – MUGEN POMS MAZELTOV – lovely shape, good tail, stands well, head slightly narrow and longer in fore face than my preference.

3rd - #8 – CANTON BROADWAY MELODY – Sweet headed, a little out of coat movement good in front, not so good in rear.

Open Class

1st - #15 – YINGYANG CHOCOLATIER – The first term I have ever judge a chocolate dog. He is beautifully made, show core pled and has correct angulations giving him sound and free flowing movement. Tail placement is good.

2nd - #17 – CORAL BABY BOOM – Slightly longer coat than my preference but this boy excel in coat and conformation lovely front and pleasing head if a little prosted.

3rd - #16 – LITTLE TOR OF WB EMPIRE – Clear Orange with good coat though I prefer more guard head and not as good in front.

Champion Dogs

1st - #18 – PHIL CH OROSLANDO AURELIO THE LIGHT OF THE SUN (RUS) – Orange sable, lovely coat, lovely construction, good head with pleasing expression, well-shaped eye.

2nd - #22 – PHIL HOF MUGEN POMS BELIEVE N DREAMS – Lovely type in their orange sable slightly fuller eye than my preference, lovely rear.

3rd - #24 – PHIL GR/CR CANTON COWBOY CURIOSITY – Very much my type lovely head and expression, lovely shape and good rib cage and shoulder, not so strong behind.


#27 – PHIL CANTON BLACK CRESCENT - Beautiful condition, Ultra sound movement, compact, smaller eye for my preference.

Bitches: Junior Class

1st - #29 – CANTON ODA O’SWIFT – Wolf Sable, very pretty head and expression, good coat high tail set.

2nd -#28 – CANTON BELIEVE N MIRACLES – I like her shape but not the head of one and not moving her best.



Judge Critique:  Mr  Sean Gwynne

40th Pomeranian Specialty Show

Philippine Pomeranian Club Inc

October 25, 2014 

    Baby Puppy

1st - #33 – POMSOCIETY’S DREAM COME TRUE (THA) – Good movement for the rest, sound construction needs to develop, good coat and presentation.

2nd - #35 – CANTON BERTINA LI – Promising puppy also moving well, nice head and expression, needs to mature.

3rd - #34 – SUN VALLEY’S MAD MAX – not moving well today.

Puppy Class

1st - #2 – CANTON DAZZLING SUN – Nice outline, good coat pleasing head and expression, nice eye and ear set, little unsettle on the move, need to body up.

2nd - #1 – CANTON SHADOW BOXER – Very nice coat, pleasing head, not moving at his best and needs to mature.

Junior Class

1st - #5 – CANTON BARON MT CREST – Out moved class, good outline compact and square, pleasing head would prefer less ear, good tail, stands four square.

2nd - #6 – CANTON DAZZLING SUN - Very pleasing head and expression, pleasing outline, out moved by first.

3rd - #7 – CANTON LUCKY KHAN – Pleasing shape and head, needs more coat and needs to be more settle on the move.

Intermediate Class

1st - #10 – MUGEN POMS MAZELTOV – Excellent outline, well constructed, good bone up on toes, good ear placement, good head in profile and little plain full in.

2nd -#11 – CANTON CAESAR’S GOLD – Stylist male, pleasing outline out moved by first, not showing at his best.

3rd - #9 – CANTON TOWER OF MT CREST – stands and shows four square pleasing outline but unsettled on the move.

Open Class

1st - #17 – CORAL BABY BOOM – Nice size and outline unsettled on move at times, but showed enough and no concerning construction in faults, good neck and placement, pleasing head and expression.

2nd - #16 – LITTLE TOR OF WB EMPIRE – Bright Orange – in good coat and presentation, not so settled as first on move.

3rd - #15 – YINGYANG CHOCOLATIER – Very pleasing chocolate, nice size and shape with pleasing head self colour pigmentation, very unsettle on the moved. 

Champion Dogs

1st - #22 – PHIL  HOF MUGEN POMS BELIEVE N DREAMS – Excellent top line with good conformation showed and presented well, very strong in the move, pleasing head and expression, good ear set and placement, good neck and placement.

2nd -#20 – PHIL CH OROSLANDO GOLDEN LION GEORGE (RUS) - Stunning head, clear range showed and presented well, out moved by first.

3rd - #24 – PHIL GR/CR CH CANTON COWBOY CURIOSITY - Good Shape and outline, well presented with pleasing head, movement unsettled.

Veterans Class

#27 – PHIL CH CANTON BLACK CRESCENT – Nice shape, good mouth for age, good color for age, showing well soundly constructed and moving soundly.

Bitches: Junior Class

1st - #28 – CANTON BELIVE N MIRACLES – Nice outline and shape, very English in type, compact stand foursquare, little unsettled on the move, good tail placement.

2nd - #29 – CANTON ODA O’SWIFT – Little longer coat, pleasing head, lacking in drive on the move a unsettled.

Intermediate Class

#30 – CANTON DAZZLING TREASURE – Nice type bitch, not showing her best, soundly constructed good head, good ear placement pleasing expression, not cooperative on the move.



After  the show, Averil and Sean visited Canton Pomeranians …. lots of pom talk and sightseeing.  They got to pick the poms they liked the best amongst the Canton Stud Force. 

Here are Averil’s choices with its ranking:


1. Am Gr Ph It Ch Canton Jet Li


2.Bomber of Pu Tao Weng Pomeranian Kennel


3.Ph Ch Canton Pufpride Dreamkeeper


4.Ph Ch Canton Starbrite


5.Ph Gr Ch Canton Shooting Star


6.Yingyang Chocolatier


7.Canton Dallion


8.Am Mex Ch Starfire’s Bling Bling


9.Ph Ch Janesa’s Lindt Excellence


10.Ph Ch Canton Black Saracen


11.Ph Ch Canton Black Crescent


12.Ph Ch Canton Dreamaker


13.Canton Tower of Mt Crest


14.Am Ch Ph Gr Ch Canton Cowboy Curiosity


15.Canton Ultimate Quest


16.Ph Gr Ch Yingyang Black Knight


17.Superboy, aka KCT Ch  Super Bai Yio Te of Chia Li Ya


18.Wayne, aka Bai Wei He of Chiao Li Ya


19.Canton Pendragon


20.Ph Ch Canton Sunrise



Here are Sean’s Choices

 1.Ph Ch Canton Pufpride Dreamkeeper


 2.Ph Ch Canton Sunrise


 3.Am Mex Ch Starfire’s Bling Bling


4.Ph Ch Canton Golden Coin


5.Ph Ch Canton Starbrite


6.Am Gr Ch Ph It Ch Canton Jet Li


7.Bomber of Pu Tao Weng of Pomeranian Kennel


8.Canton Dallion


9.Ph Ch Canton Dreamaker


10.Canton Ultimate Quest


11.Wayne, aka Bai Wei He of Chiao Li Ya


12.Ph Ch Canton Shooting Star


13.Yingyang Chocolatier


14.Janesa’s Lindt Excellence



November 14, 2015



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