22: Chriscendo Bloodline in Canton Pomeranians

I have time and time again been asked these same questions:  How are your dogs related to Chriscendo?....or why do you not have Chriscendo in your Canton breeding program?  Many are really surprised with my answer.

My answer will zero in on the main dogs of Chriscendo from the ancestors of  its beginnings to the present and one by one, I will trace the similarities of their line with my Canton Pomeranians.

CH Millamoor’s Moon Rock(1) was the sire of CH Millamoor’s Rock Medallion(2), the foundation male Chriscendo.  CH Chriscendo Calvin Klein(3)was the first great beginnings of Chriscendo, followed by CHChriscendo Classico(4), then followed by Colt, aka CH Chriscendo Call to Arms(5)


  Part 1.  CH Millamoor’s Moon Rock(1), the pre-beginnings of Chriscendo

Moon Rock goes back to CH Thelcolyn’s Showstopper(6), who was the foundation dog of Thelma Dunn’s CH Theldun Almond Fudge, the sire of CH BevNor Toasted Fudge(7)(Big Toasty is the foundation dog of BevNor), the sire of CH BevNor Toastmaster(foundation dog of Janesa), the sire of CH BevNor n Southland Rambo(foundation dog of Janshar).  My poms today will one way or another go back to BevNor thru Janesa, Janshar and other branches of that breedings.

Another Moon Rock son, CH Dixieland of Rock of Millamoor, one of my favorites, is the sire of Ch Stollane Thunderbolt Thor is the great grandfather of two littermates  CH Janshar Harley Davidson(9) and Ph Gr Ch Janshar Firefox of Canton which are heavily infused in the earlier Canton breedings.  My chocolate breeding goes back basically to Thor and his progenies like CH Heartland In the Nick of Time and Ch Janshar Harley Davidson.

  ….a recent import, PH HOF Janle Don’t Make Me Laugh(11 Bryce), is a father to daughter to half brother breeding on CH JanLe Just a Dash of Millamoor, who is by CH JanLe Willie Makit(10) and BevNor Brandi of Millamoor  both of whom are again related in the foregoing:  CH JanLe Willie Makit goes back to CH Dixieland Rock of Millamoor many time whilst BevNor Brandi of Millamoor is a half brother half sister breeding to Big Toasty.  No wonder why  Bryce is now producing champions after champions for us in the limited test breeding we have done on him….Gr CH Canton Cover Girl,  Gr CH Canton Calendar Girl, CH Laughter in Paradise, CH Canton Heart to Heart….and many more will be in the ring soon.


  Part 2  CH Millamoor’s Rock Medallion(2) and Ch Chriscendo Calvin Klein(3)

CH Millamoor’s Rock Medallion was the beginnings of Chriscendo and the initial basis of their linebreeding and inbreeding.  The best he produced was CH Chriscendo Calvin Klein(3), who is the grandsire of CH Valcopy Wakham Valentino(12) and the sire of Ch Chriscendo Cloudbuster.

CHValcopy Wakham Valentino, is the  sire of Canton’s winniest dog, Am CH Ph HOF Canton the Gigolo(13), who goes back to most of the Canton champions today. Our present favorite, Ph HOF Am Tha CH Canton Bravestar(14) is a half-brother half-sister breeding of our Gigolo.

  CH Chriscendo Clouodbuster, who is the great grandfather of Parker, aka

Ch Pufpride Sweet Dreams(15), who is said to be the top winning and top producing Pomeranian of all times in the US.  Our own homebred  Ph Gr CH Canton Dreamer of Allayn(16), is a Parker son is now producing lovely puppies for us.  And of course, there are our Parker daughters which we imported and bred.

Pufpride Virginia Dimmick’s favorite was Mikee, aka CH Pufpride Million Dollar Baby(17), the heir apparent and foundation of Pufpride Pomeranians.  Mikee is the a half brother of the Parker’s dam.  Our own imported CH Pufpride Cash Attraction(18) is the son of Mikee; another imported boy Pufpride Sundance Kid of Canton and  our  imported female Pufpride Ashlin Dreamaker are grandchildren of Mikee.


  Part 3  CH Chriscendo Classico(4)

After continuous linebreeding and inbreeding on its foundations, eventually,  CH Great Elms Firestarter(19, littermates of Ch Great Elms Prince Charming, Ch Great Elms Master Mark, Ch Great Elms Sweet Prince) was introduced to the Chriscendo breeding.

CH Razzle Dazzle Classique(paternal grandfather of Ch Chriscendo Classico) and  Ch Chriscendo Classica(dam of Ch Chriscendo Classico) produced CH Chriscendo Classico(4).    The Windmist-Sunterrra  brothers used Ch Chriscendo Classico(12) as their foundation inbreeding and linebreeding, thereby producing CH Windmist Designer Genes, aka Tyler(20).  I was allowed to breed to Tyler once and that breeding produced three bitches, two of which I kept:   Ph Gr CH Canton Classica and Canton Collection.  Both bitches did very well producing champion kids …namely CH Canton Classico, CH Canton Classic Star(21), Ch Canton Versace(22), Canton Visconti(soon to be champion) and grandkid Ch Canton Pierre Balmain.

A lot of the Firestarter littermates were direct sires and grandsires of the breeding females that I imported from Ruth Beam, who became a good friend. Some of our champions like CH Canton Buttons and Ribbons, CH Canton Black Sassy, CH Canton Bianca, Ch Canton Copycat, etc originates from said imported bitches.

CH Great Elms Firestarter’s sire was Ch Cedarwood Image of Diamond(24), who was in turn sired by CH Apple’s Travelling Diamond(23).  CH Apple Travelling Diamond bred to a champion Janshar bitch produced CH Apple Travelling Rambler(25), who in my eyes produced some of the best puppies I have seeen in my life.  Luckily, Ken Griffin sold me a Rambler daughter and that produced my first homebred American Champion…Am CH Ph Gr CH Canton Sylestre Stallone…and later on Am Ch Canton Orange Julius(owned by Janshar Sharon Hanson) and Ch Canton Orange Brutus(26) who is one of our older foundation dog serving as the receptacle the bloodline of my Japanese import Ch Fast Dot of Chart Admiral; linebred on our Fast Dot and Orange Brutus is our present champion Ch Canton Hot Brut(27).  


Part 4  Colt, aka CH Chriscendo Call to Arms(5), the present Chriscendo

Finally, you have the present main stud dog of Chriscendo…Colt, aka Ch Chriscendo Call to Arms(5)  His paternal grandsire is CH Ozark’s Spirit of Oakridge, a father to daughter breeding of Jake, aka CH Oakridge Rock N Tradition(29), whilst the rest of the pedigree goes back to Classico.

After our bitch finished her title in the US, CH Canton Where Star Collide was bred to Jake producing CH Canton Rise to the Call(30) who produced CH Canton Raichu, who produced Ph HOF Canton Harry Potter(31)who produced PH CH Canton Golden Goblet, who produced Ch Canton Versace(22). This branch of my gene pool has done very well with progenies of Gigolo, because they had common Maxamillion ancestors and I suppose, distantly related Millamoor and Showstopper ancestors too!  Incidentally, the main Pufpride dogs, CH Pufpride Sweet Dreams and CH Pufpride Million Dollar Baby goes back to Jake too!


Part 5  Conclusions

After having seen all similar ancestors to Chriscendo, I suppose the next question is what makes Canton different?  Basically, we have worked with stocks that had the same Adam and Eve but there is a big difference is the stock selected and used; PLUS, the fact that Canton breeding foundation all goes back to Hadleigh.  It would be interesting  to see how well these two bloodlines will mix FURTHER….and possibly one day, when the right Chriscendo dog comes, more exciting breedings will happen at Canton.

    April 14, 2009


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very good article with many photos - we like your website and your dogs - we have been proposed many puppies but Chriscendo and Hadleigh lines are the best - we like big bones, short back - puppy face - big fur - outling collar - short ears - which appear in these lines. We'll go on looking at your products.
best regards

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