20: Not All Poms Look Like Show Poms(Part 2)

Considering the many remarks I received regarding my previous blog, I do not think it will be complete without further explanations and pictures.

First, the explanation.  Some people have commented that my earlier blog appears be a put-down on Philippine Pomeranians because it seem to be promoting pom-spitz and thus, contrary to the purebred sports.  No, it does not.  What it does is to face the harsh reality of what Pomeranian really is…its beginnings and what it is today.    I mentioned earlier that it does look like pom-spitz to me, and it may very well be.  However, because of what I have seen in my experience over the past 32 years in Pomeranians, I cannot say for sure that such is truly a fake purebred.   

Possibly, further pictures below will help explain what I am trying to say.  If we look at old historical Pomeranian pictures, it would be easier to understand that they did look quite spitzy.  As far back as the time of Ancient Greek and Ancient Rome up to Conformation Champion Pomeranians 100-200 years ago and up to present day Obedience Champion Pomeranians, you are faced with the looks of the natural Pomeranian.  What we have in the show ring is definitely a man-made breed which I will go into later in another future blog.  Now, the pictures.

Top Pictures in the First Row:  Left to Right                                                                                  

(1) 400 BC Pomeranian in a Greek Vase;  (2)  1977 Pomeranian Bitch with pup - Thomas Gainsborough, Tate Gallery, London;  (3) Private Collection-The Earl of Mount Charles; (4) 1791 Pomeranian-George Stubbs Royal Collection, UK

Top Picture in the Second Row:
My own collection of an old Etching of Champion Pomeranians in England 100 Years ago, entitled “Pomeranians of the 20th Century.”  They are labeled Haughty Winnie and Magpie on the first row and Little Ladysmith, Arcadia Page of Kent, Ch Haughty Prince and Monmouth Ruffle in the second row.  Notice that they come exclusively in Black, White, Chocolates and Partis

Top Pictures is the First Row: Left to Right

Conformation Champions as follows:  (1) Ch Konig of Rozelle, 1891; (2) Ch Dainty Boy, 1896; (3) Ch Blue Boy, early 1990s; (4) Ch Sable Mite, early 1990s.

Top Pictures in the Second Row:  Left to Right

Obedience Champions today.  We do not know much about this kind of poms in the Philippines but I have seen some of them is the APC Nationals and publications.  They are good companion dogs and the focus is not on the breed type and conformation but rather the ability and  training to follow and obey.   (1) 1986  Twinkle Little Super Star – One of the six poms to have received this highest Obedience title – Obedience Trial Championship – OTCH;  (2)  2007  Sassy Girl Sheffield UDX, RAE – One of the 7 poms to have achieved this obedience title – Obedience Dog Excellent –UDX;  Rally Achievement Excellent-RAE;  (3) OTCH Gidget’s Cinamon  Prince UDX 5 RE.


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