12: Philippine Titles and Top Pomeranians in the Philippines

Philippine champion is a dog that has won 15 points with 2 majors, winning points under at least 3 different judges very much like the AKC championship system. The maximum points per show is 5 points which means that the fastest finish is in 3 shows of 5 point major each.

Philippine Grand Champion is a Philippine Champion who has accumulated an additional 25 points.  Since the dog is already a Special,  this usually mean Best of Breed or Best Opposite Sex wins...instead of the mere Winners Dog or Winners Bitch wins;alternatively, another possibility is a Reserve Best of Breed going to a Group Placement.   The additional requirement is that the dog should also have at least 3 Group Placements.

Philippine Hall of Fame is a Philippine Grand Champion who has again won another 75 Points with at least 5 more Group Placements to reach the Ultimate title of Philippine Hall of Fame. This Hall of Fame title is indeed well recognized and looked up to in the Philippine Canine World.

Top Dog of the Year can mean any of the following:

Top Dog of the Year - PCCI sytem is based on the number of dogs defeated in PCCI shows.  PCCI is our mother kennel club which holds monthly Back to Back Dog Shows or a total of about 24 shows per year.  They are usually officiated by the more senior foreign ALL Breed Judges which therefore give some sort of prestige. Top Pomeranian of the Year PCCI System is similarly chosen.

Top Dog of the Year - National is based on all the dog shows in the Philippines including provincial shows minus duplication in judges.  This is more comprehensive and for the more outgoing. Top Pomeranian of the Year - National has the same implications.

Top Philippine Bred Dog of the Year is based on the number of Best Philippine Bred in Show wins in PCCI shows.  Top Philippine Bred Pomeranian for the Year, again has the same basis.

Prior to 2006, we have not really vied for the Top Pomeranian title because our concentration was to finish as many Philippine Hall of Fame possible.  You see, we had quite a lot of good dogs who could be specialled.  As such, with a limited number of available Philippine handlers who could present our pomeranians properly, we were constrained to retire our Hall of Fame dog as soon as he has completed his title so that we could go to the next one.  Accordingly, over the years, we have finished 9 Hall of Fame Pomeranians each of them could hold its own with any Pomeranian in the country.  But since they had to be retired, they lost their opportunity to vie for the title of Number 1 Pom in the country. That was our strategy then. 

In 2006, we changed our stratey and targeted the Number 1 Pomeranian in the Philippines title.  As such, the Number 1 Pom from 2006 to present were ALL from Canton Pomeranians as pictured below:

Pictured starting from the left are: 1.  PH HOF Canton Britestar:  Number 1 Pomeranian, Top 10 All Breed in the Philippines 2006;  2.  PH HOF JanLe Don't Make Me Laugh(Bryce):  Number 1 Pomeranian, Top 5 All Breed in the Philippines 2007;  3.  PH HOF Am Tha Ch Canton Bravestar:  Number 1 Pomeranian, Number 2 All Breed - PCCI System,  Number 3 National; Number 1 Philippine Bred 2008;  4.  PH GR Ch Dreamer at Allayn, our new Special hopeful 

With Bravestar being specialled as the Number 1 Pomeranian in the Philippines for 2008, we are now also attempting to campaign another dog, Dreamer, aka Ph GR Ch Canton Dreamer at Allayn for his Philippine Hall of Fame title.  This spells out that my major handler, Tino has to pass Bravestar on to another handler in order to take Dreamer who is less trained and would not perform with another handler.  Accordingly, Bravestar is now handled by alternative handlers since he is already too far ahead for any other pom to catch up with.

In the meantime, both Bravestar and Dreamer have been winning alternately the past 8 shows detailed as follows:

September 7th, 2008     25th  & 26th Bulacan K-9 Club ALL Breed Show

     Judge Elaine Ty                                       Dreamer  Best of Breed, Group 1  

     Judge Myron Arthur                                Bravestar Best of Breed, Group 1


August 31st, 2008         9th and 10th Philippine Pomeranian Club Inc ALL Breed Show

     Judge Ma Rocio de Vega                         Dreamer  Best of Breed, Group 2

     Judge Roberto Tesoro                              Bravestar Best of Breed, Reserve BIS


August 30th, 2008        27th and 28th Philippine Pomeranian Club Inc Specialty Show

     Judge Dr Raymundo Lo                           Bravestar Best of Breed, BISS

     Judge Maribel Sy                                     Dreamer  Best of Breed, BISS


August 24th, 2008       1st and 2nd German Shepherd Dog Federation ALL Breed Show

     Judge Jose Mendiola                                Dreamer   Best of Breed, Group 1

     Judge Kevin Harris                                   Dreamer   Best of Breed, G1,  Best in Show



Pictured on the Left:  Bravestar winning Reserve Best in Show under Judge Roberto Tesoro.


With these alternate wins, I am being asked by many of my friends who is the better dog?  My response would be both of them have a lot to offer, excelling in different ways. Personally, I will always prefer Bravestar because he represents the ultimate Pomeranian for me. Pomeranian Specialists would chose Bravestar too.  With All Breed Judges, I am inclined to think they may choose Dreamer.


Bravestar is tightly bred on Gigolo who was our winniest dog and therefore represents that Canton look. Dreamer is a half outcross with the sire being Parker,  an outside stud dog and the dam being linebred on my base stock:  that mix of  linebreeding on Eng Ch Derronill Maxamillion and Am Ch BevNor Toasted Fudge.  Both parents of Dreamer has Jake, aka Am Ch Oakridge Rock of Tradition as their great grandfather...no wonder he has that fantasy of a coat in harsh texture!...in Parker red color!


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