6: Taiwan and Japan: The Land of Jap Ch Hadleigh Superman

The English Hadleigh Pomeranian bloodline is known to be the royalty of the Pomeranian world.  This was during the mid to late 1990s when Hadleigh dominated the show ring in England and was so much sought after around the world.  Here, you hear such names as Eng Ch Hadleigh Little Gent, Eng Ch Hadleigh Little Aristocrat, Eng Ch Hadleigh Shining Star, Eng Ch Hadleigh Twinkle Star and so on.  For the American breeders, it is interesting to know that Eng Ch Hadleigh Serenade is behind the pedigree of Am Ch Theldun Almond Fudge, the sire of all time American Great Am Ch BevNor Toasted Fudge, who is behind many of the American champions today.
The English Hadleigh kennel name was eventually inherited  by Kazu Igarashi who imported many of the  
Hadleigh dogs to Japan.  Now, this is what is known as the Japanese Hadleigh. Perhaps, the most famous Japanese Hadleigh Pomeranian is Jap Ch Hadleigh Superman,(pictured on the left), who is by Jap Ch Hadleigh Superstar.  Superman is behind most of the show Pomeranians in Japan and Taiwan. He also had some influence in the United States from where an American bitch was sent to Japan for breeding to Superman.  This produced Am Ch Valcopy Wakham To Die For, the dam of two of top American Pomeranians, Am Ch Valcopy Wakham Batman and Am Ch Valcopy Wakham Batboy.
Since the Canton Bloodline was founded on the English Hadleigh bloodline, I have always wanted to get something from Superman.  Furthermore, the fact that this bloodline blended well with Am Ch Valcopy Wakham Valentino who is also the sire of my winniest dog Ph HOF Am Ch Canton the Gigolo, makes me more certain that bringing this line would enhance my breeding program.   However, I always had some other priorities like getting new American bloodlines to bone up my Hadleigh base.
With Ph HOF Am Tha Ch Canton Bravestar, I wanted more new stock from more distant lines because most my bitches were mostly closely related to him. I have been asking my long time Taiwan friend, Charlie, to scout around for Superman stock.  Finally, I was told that our mutual old Taiwanese breeder had some excellent stock that is tightly linebred on Superman…and I could have them.    So, off we went to Taiwan to see the dogs.  We went home with a 5 month old bitch puppy, an 8 month old bitch puppy and a 6 year old stud dog pictured below.

The 5 and 8 month old bitch puppies looked so much like my puppies when I started….and my tightly bred pups today.  These two puppies go back to four dogs namely(from upper left clockwise) Jap Ch Charm Twinkle Sailorman(by Jap Ch Hadleigh Superstar, Superman's  sire), Jap Ch Madono's Happy Sound(by Jap Ch Hadleigh Sweet Dream, a Superman son), Jap Ch Super Dream of Crystal Togawasow(by Jap Ch Hadleigh Superstar, Superman'sire) and Jap Ch Liebling Welle JP Nice in Birdie((by Jap Ch Hadleigh Yellow Tail, a Superman son).

For those who are not familiar with this bloodline, this is a very late developing line and you can understand it more if you go to the ABOUT US:  Development Stages section of this web page.  By 6 months, the pups are totally bald but they start blooming at 12-18 months and in full glory at 3 years.  Their fine boned legs are totally different as they mature to a totally different looking dog.  The adult coat are harsh standoff coat and do not need coat enhancers.  (I am quite worried about the glamorous soft cottonish coat that looks so appealing and does not shed at 6 months…and I do have some of these now with the American influence in my breeding program.)

I remember Bravestar when he went to the Nationals two years ago.  At that time, he was just about a year old.  Nobody paid much attention to him because he still had to develope; in bone and coat.   Mary Allan told me that he lacked the density of coat which the American poms had.  Two years later as he was entered at the Nationals 2008, Bravestar had a lot of good compliments from American and Canadian breeders.  Chris Heartz told me that I should not use the coat volumizers/enhancers on Bravestar since he already had that beautiful long harsh stand off coat.

It took some convincing to persuade my Taiwan friend to let go of this 6 year old stud dog.  He had earlier purchased him from a breeder who decided to get out of dogs.  He was neglected and needs a lot of conditioning.   Besides his beautiful face, what makes him interesting is that his sire is a direct Superman son and the dam also goes back to Superman…both Japanese imports, so I am told.  I looking forward receiving their pedigrees.




With our absence in the show during the weekend, Ph Ch Canton Cover Girl(Tyra) took Best of Breed and Group 2 under International India Judge Partha Chatterjee.

Tyra is a very special pomeranian.  Given the opportunity to be trained and shown, she should do a lot of winning in the future. She is pictured on the right.
For more information and pictures on Hadleigh Pomeranians, come visit our Gallery Page and its Pedigree portion.  Enjoy!


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Hi Basillo
Not sure how long ago this was but would be interested to hear how you have got on & to see the pedigrees of the three poms.

The combination of Canton bloodline and Hadleigh line is doing very well as evidenced by Ph Gr Ch Canton Genghis Khan ....and many others.

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