Stud Service

Stud Service

For pictures, pedigree and more information on the dogs available for stud service, please refer to the Boys  Portion of this web.

We are  making our boys available for public stud service.  However, our own breeding program must remain as the priority.  In the past, we have declined several requests because we were fearful of contamination and sickness.  Since then, we have mastered the skill of AI (Artificial Insemination) which hurdles this issue.  

We have spent a lot of blood, sweat and tears in accumulating the best bloodlines in the world.  We have no spared expenses to do this.  In our personal own way, we have developed the breed to what we think it should be.   Now, we want to share all these with people genuinely interested in the breed.


For overseas breeders, please call us up on the first day of heat of your bitches to find out if the stud dog is available.  Shipping back and forth in many countries is really quite simple.   For US, Thailand, India, Russia and many other countries, you need to be doing the following:

  1. Health Certificate stating that the dog is generally healthy.  Its validity is for 10 days but to ensure that there are no problems due to time difference, make it at least 8 days old.
  2. Rabies Vaccination Certificate should not be less than 30 days and not more than one year old.
  3. The Import Permit will come from us.  We can secure this within 2 business days.  Once we complete this, we will email you a copy to you and you can tell your shipping agent or airline that the original is waiting with the consignee upon its arrival. We will offer as a free service.
  4. Payment of Customs Clearance with Duties and Taxes of US$100.  Most dogs coming into the Philippines require this expense unless the dog is accompanied, in which case,  it is much less.  This should be paid once you make your stud booking with us or prior to our securing an import permit for you.  It will also serve as your bond for your stud booking and for our efforts on preparing the import permit should you decide to cancel.

                        Take note that you should declare your bitch as a pet only/no commercial value.  You may   
                        want  to declare that your bitch is “for breeding purposes only” and will be reshipped back
                        to you after breeding.  Hopefully, this should help in customs clearance.

     5.  Payment of Stud Service.  Rates vary depending on the desired stud dog.  Ideally, this should  paid
          together with item #4:  Customs Clearance with Duties and Taxes.  If not, it may be paid prior to the
          return shipment of the bitch.

          a. Payment of Return Shipment.  Latest, prior to the return shipment of the bitch.

          b. Since all our outside  breeding  will be done by Artificial Insemination (AI), we will NOT require
              brucellosis test, etc. 


  1. Our international airport is MANILA, Philippines. 
  2. For shipments originating from the countries mentioned above, we suggest the following airlines:   

          US:            Delta Airlines  and  Korean Airlines
          Thailand:    Thai Airways                                                                                                                   
          India:         Qatar Airways                                                                                                                    
          Russia:       Qatar Airways   


  1. Payments can be done by Western Union or Bank to Bank.  Our Bank details will be provided when it is required.
  2. We will keep the bitch for a maximum of 3 weeks without any extra charge.   This will allow us to keep her about 2 weeks after breeding.   Subsequent to this, we will have to charge board.
  3. For a bitch that misses, we will guarantee a return service if the male is still available.  If not, you will offer another available male of equivalent stud service rate.  We cannot make this guarantee good for a bitch that misses a third time.


For local breeders, please call our telephone to make arrangements.  No text messages please!