7: Calico Patterns in Pomeranians

One of my dreams is to able to breed Pomeranians in calico patterns…like the goldfish and the koi(carp).  Particularly, in the koi, the color spells out the quality classification of this fish.

The closest existing Pomeranian color to this is the merles, the tri colors, particolors and possibly the brindles.  These I want to breed but I have decided to use another kennel name:  Ying Yang to separate this exotic patterned colors from my existing solid color breeding program.   Ying Yang is based on the familiar Chinese-Korean sign of opposites; male and female, etc.

One exciting news is the arrival of a merle male from the US called Blue Diamond at Canton.  He is pictured on the left. I hope to finish him as a Philippine Champion. His sire goes back to Am Ch Janesa's Applause Please and  Am Ch Mercer’s Exotica.   His dam side goes back to Am Ch Valcopy Wakham Valentino two times/Am Ch Finch He Walks on Water three times.  This pedigree will tie in so well with my black females who  mostly go back to my winniest Pomeranian,  Am Ch Ph HOF Canton the Gigolo who is also sired by Valentino.  I am so excited with the puppies that he will be producing but it will still be a long wait since he is only about 6 months old.
Another exciting news is my new litter of 2 merle males that are absolutely gorgeous. They are by Denzel, also known as Ph Ch Canton Legally Black, (Gigolo x Am Ph Ch Janshar Legally Blonde).  They are pictured on the left.
Merles are not that easy to breed because of the limited good gene pool. There are also a lot of non-merles that are produced in the process because merles cannot bred to merle or whites because this may cause blindness or abnormalities.  These abnormalities will NOT occur with proper breeding.  Ideally, they should be bred to blacks, black and tan, chocolates, chocolate and tan, blues, blue and tan, lavender,  tri colors and possibly black and white parti colors.
The breed standard of the American Kennel Club allows Pomeranians in all colors and says that they should be judged equally based on the quality and not the color.  Accordingly, there has been at least 2 merle Pomeranians that has finished their American title.
Recently, there has been a move by some individuals to ease the merles out from the dog sports.
Some want the merles to be disallowed from being registered with the AKC.  I think it is too late for that.  I do not think the AKC will agree to that because that is a controversial issue and I think they will rather leave it at status quo; no change
Some want the merles  to be disallowed from being shown in the ring.  I hope they will NOT  do that.  After all, if they are not good enough, they will not win and not attract attention.  They will self destruct on their own.  But if they are really good and deserve to win, why prevent them from being shown at all?...this is what I call tyranny of the minority….or even tyranny of the majority!, if it EVER comes to be a majority decision.
Some people have really worked so hard to breed good merles worthy to be champions.  It would be a real pity if all this good work cannot be shown to the world!....such a waste of so much hard work!


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