For us, Pomeranian is passion; we care and breed for the pleasure of doing so. This is purely a hobby for us. We want to cooperate with other Pomeranian fanciers all over the world in the hope that all our efforts will not be wasted but rather have a positive effect in the future of Pom-dom. In this regard, we have had so many visitors overseas including several well known international judges and breeders who are PROUD OWNERS of Canton Pomeranians.

People behind Canton Pomeranians

Basilio Yap started this Pomeranian hobby. Though I have handed this over to my niece, Ester Joy Chua to take over, I am still in the background actively guiding the future of Canton Pomeranians. I continue to be interested in this Pomeranian hobby.

Ester Joy Chua is a 3rd year university student and she spends a lot of her time with the dogs. She is the registered owner of most of the Canton Pomeranians.

Faustino Farro is the exclusive handler of Canton Pomeranians in the Philippines.

Staff: Since I have to attend to family business affairs, I have several full time help in the running of the kennel. Some of them are university graduates in Animal Science. The objective is to give the best care for my dogs, keeping them clean, healthy and well socialized in a condusive environment. Cutting costs is not the issue here because this is purely hobby.

Our facilities

Our wonderful facilities is located in the city of Las Pinas, Metro-Manila, Philippines. It is a dream come true. Our rainforest trees, orchid nets, man-made waterfalls gives a cool atmosphere the whole day lessening the stressful effects of a tropical climate. Our dogs have the freedom to run the whole day but caged at night to protect them from harmful elements. We also have air-conditioned facilities for many of our dogs to keep them in their full coat.