Blacks Pomeranian are LUCKY

Some ethnic  Chinese belief says that Black dogs are LUCKY.  They are supposedly to be the eater of bad luck of the home; something like a scapegoat in Western culture.  Instead of a person getting sick, meeting an accident or even dying, it is the black dog who will take the misfortune instead of the master or his relations in the home.  When this happens, that is, when the black dog dies, the owner or his representative should cut off the tail of the black dog and this will serve as a lucky charm.

The origin of my black Pomeranians started when I sent a red bitch Canton Sparkling Coral to the US to breed to a black Best in Show American Champion Valcopy Wakham Valentino.  From that breeding, I produced a black pom named PH HOF Am Ch Canton the Gigolo, which is my winniest Pomeranian in my kennel history and which would serve as the foundation male of my kennel.  Though black himself, Gigolo produced a lot of reds, sables and blacks.  From there, Gigolo is behind all the colors in my Pomeranians starting with whites, wolf/cream sables, creams, oranges, orange sables, reds, red sables, sables, blacks, chocolates, blues, lavanders, partis, merles, brindles…

Blacks are very important for breeding because it is the base of almost all colors.  Blacks would improve pigmentations; it  would darken the eyes, eye rims around the eyes, paws, noses and deepen the coat colors…ie, orange, reds, chocolates becomes richer in color when black is behind them.  It is also the base of a lot of exotic colors.  Mixing in blacks and sables to oranges will tend to keep the coat in the correct texture…harsher; from my experience, breeding oranges to oranges continuously will mean lost in pigmentation & softer and softer coats.

Examples of some beautiful black Pomeranians are pictured below:

  1. Am Ch Finch’s He Walks on Water(Travis-Gigolo’s paternal grandsire),
  2. Am Ch Valcopy Wakham Valentino(Rudy – Gigolo’s sire),
  3. Am Ch Ph HOF Canton the Gigolo
  4. Ph Ch Canton Black Crescent
  5. South African Ch Canton Black Charmer of Shemaur
  6. Ph Ch Canton Black Ice