White Pomeranians are Magical

The white Pomeranians that one usually sees looks so much like the original spitzy looking Pomeranian

or in Philippine lingo, a Japanese spitz look-alike.  Accordingly, when one sees a typey  snow white Pomeranian, one is simply hypnotized and stunned by its beauty and rarity…just like MAGIC.


The other magical aspect of white Pomeranians is their ability to clean up the black skin problem…perhaps, not permanently for generations to come,  but at least for one generation.  But the big but is, though the bsd or black skin disease syndrome is the biggest problem of the Pomeranians in America,  many do not really have the appetite to pursue this remedy because of the  poor quality and gene pool that will be mixed to their breeding stock and bloodline.  It is as if, throwing out years and generations of work to solve the problem…solving a problem with another problem…sounds familiar?


Breeding white Pomeranians is an upward battle because it is the most difficult Pomeranian color to breed.  Besides the headpiece which is hard to correct, the body needs a lot of improvement.  They are usually long in back, too fine bone in relation to the body, coat density does not seem to be enough, and then, the pigmentation of the eyes, nose and paws has to be reckoned with.  To add to this difficulty, is the whiteness of the coat color.  Puppies may be born white but as they grow older, the back of the ears, the saddle at the back of the body, and other parts, tend to become yellowish.  And so, they should be kept clean and washed all the time.  In our area wherein our water is from the deep well, the water has a lot of mineral including manganese, which turns the white coat to light cream/yellow; chlorinated water becomes necessary.  The dog cages has to be stainless…or risk the rust of an old cage to transform their white coat from yellow to light red;  the play pen should be stainless steel.  Plus, they  should be kept individually separate or risk their playful attititude…plus saliva to stain and redden their immaculate clean and white coats.  This discoloration is partly genetic but a lot of it has to do with care and maintenance. An additional big problem is the tear staining the many dogs have…and in the whites, one can easily be brought in despair. 


.…and now, we have a lot to learn from the white dog breeders, like maltese, etc… for their routines and trade secrets!  I will share some of what I have learned in my future blogs.




More than ten years ago, I thought that the future would have too many orange Pomeranians, making this color too common.  I thought of being ahead of other people, so I diversified my breeding program focusing 30% of my breeding on this white color.  Getting my initial stock was very difficult because of those people who had white, most of them  did not want to let go.  I recall flying all the way to Oregon to meet a certain breeder who promised to sell me some of her whites.  Unfortunately, when I reached there and called for directions, she changed her mind…she did not even want to meet up with me.  After so much effort, I was able to finally get started and I started mixing English Tookeyes wolf sable bloodlines to American whites.  This combination proved to be successful and it produced a lot of homebred champions.   My homebred Am Ch Canton White Fantasy won Winners Bitch in a Texas Specialty Show over 46 females many many years ago.  This kind of combination is basically what I have behind the Canton whites.  For those who want to know more about them, they can go the article I wrote on:  The Joy of Breeding Pomeranians in Many Colors.  This can be seen in Magazine Articles of the About US section of this webpage.



My biggest problem then, was I needed new blood and I could not find any that I found suitable.  So, I started breeding my whites to  wolf sables from the English Ch Derronill Maxamillion bloodline which I was producing in my orange breeding program…. until I got more suitable  whites.  These I finally got thru the help of other white breeders who I thought did not exist.


I want to show off some of the beautiful whites that are being used in our breeding program today.


First Row from Left to Right:

  1.  Ph Ch Canton White Dew
  2. Ph Ch Canton White Bear
  3. Ph Ch Canton White Marshmallow                                                                                                                                                     

Second Row from Left to Right:
     4.   Westley, aka,  Ph Ch Woei Hsi of Chiao Li Ya

     5.   Bailey, aka, Ph ROC Ch Bai Fu Yong of Chiao Li Ya

     6.  Beowolf, aka, Bai Wei Hsiung of Chiao Fu Hang

Third Row from Left to Right:

     7.  Am Ph Ch  Showin’s Powerball

     8.  Am Ch Horizon’s Frosted Image

     9.  Chomuli, aka, Chomuli of Chiao Li Ya

Fourth Row from Left to Right:

    10. Canton Diamond Star

    11. Canton Passionate Lady

    12. Canton White Martini


And so, we definitely will be producing beautiful whites at Canton.