62: The Story of Ph It Ch Canton Jet Li: A Once in a Lifetime Win for Canton Pomeranians

Canton Pomeranians has been in the show scene is the Philippines since 1977 and I had my share of wins…many big wins locally.  I have sent dog overseas and many of these dogs have distinguished themselves around the world in 5 continents with championship and grandchampionship titles in their new homeland.  One in Australia became a grand champion and even top toy for the year.  But for me, the biggest challenge is making a name for myself in the US where competition is the toughest.

And so, in pursuit of this dream, I have sent homebreds to the US for their American Championship title such that in 1999, I was awarded the #2 top breeder in the US for the number of American Champions finished that year.  But no dog with a big name has been really associated with me…until I send PH HOF Canton the Gigolo who was well noticed in the US Pomeranian world. 

From Gigolo, a double Gigolo grandson, named PH HOF TH AM Ch Canton Bravestar was soon to be another Banner for Canton Pomeranians.  And now, a Bravestar son, Ph It Ch Canton Jet Li would become the ultimate star…winning Best of Breed from the Classes at the American Pomeranian Club Nationals last March 13, 2013.  A once in a life-time win.On the cover of this blog is the show photo of Jet Li and pictured from left to right: Judge Jacqueline Stacy, Handler Faustino Farro, American Pomeranian Club President Vikki Oelerih.


When Bravestar was being specialled and shown in Thailand, he won 2 Reserve Best in Show and 1 Best in Show finishing as a Thailand champion over the weekend.  It was such a triumphant win because no dog from the Philippines ever won the class and more so for the breed in Thailand.  A Hadleigh inclined Pomeranian breeder commented that the face of Bravestar was not sweet enough to which I responded quickly and defensively…that his face was sweet enough.  Weeks after that, I really do not know if it was by power of suggestion…or simply my critical and perfectionist mind that started bugging me that I have to improve my head pieces which was being admired by many but which I now thought needed to improve.  Somehow, having originated from Hadleigh, I missed the smiling faces of the Pomeranians that I use to have and breed.  In my pursuit of improved movement, I have lost those beautiful faces…the small almond shaped eyes with black mascara around the eyeliners, the accentuated wedged-shaped muzzle and the smiling expression typical of Hadleigh.

Furthermore, I also wanted SET and CEMENT these 3 characteristics in my line: 

1.  Really higher tail sets with long straight plumage,

2.  The impeccable rears with the right angulations that I used to have in the Hadleigh line, and

3.  Perfect bites with perfect incissors count of   6-6.

And so, I decided to go back to my old Hadleigh line where they have the best headpieces possible and I remember they had those super rears with good angulation.  And so, I started to search for females from this line….must have those beautiful heads plus the 3 characteristics that I wanted to strengthen…tail, rears, 6-6 incissors.  I would go for trips choosing from hundreds of bitches only to get a handful that fit my requirements.  From these bitches purchased, I started breeding Bravestar to them.  I first litter produced Ph Gr Ch Canton Genghis Khan.  I thought this was a clicking combination and so I repeated the breeding  which then produced Ph It Ch Canton Jet Li….and that is how Jet Li was produced!

With a repetition of Genghis Khan, I decided to let Jet Li go because it was a repetition anyway and Jet was more American looking while Genghis was more English looking.  (I think that was a wrong move).  I decided to give it for free to an Italian customer, Gloria Casatori, who has purchased a good number of poms from me but I thought she seems not to making the right choices…rather, I did not like her choices.  I thought by gifting the dog to her, she would have a better breeding program.  And so, at a young age, Jet went to Florence, Italy, eventually to become an Italian champion.Pictured is a puppy photo of Jet Li.


Prior to his Italian championship, Jet Li was shown at the World Dog Show in Paris.  The judge dropped him from the table while trying to measure his height. It must have been a traumatic experience for him and it took some time for him to recover.  I was told Father Dante Daylusan in Rome was instrumental in his recovery plus showing him towards his Italian title.

During one of my communications with Fabian Arienti, he mentioned to me how wonderful Jet Li was inspite of the fact that the accident is the Paris World Dog Show.  This, with the passing away of his sire, Bravestar in 2011 and the lukewarm interest of Gloria on Jet Li, I proposed to buy him back.  So, last December 2012, Jet Li came back to Canton Pomeranians. Pictured is a photo of Jet taken whilst still in Italy.

His condition was satisfactory but I thought that he has to be reconditioned much much more.  First, he muscles was not developed, so he was made to swim for 30 minutes three time a week.  Second, because his nails was not cut short and the hair in between the paws were long, he did not seem to have that tiptoe look and was down in the pastern.  I will now share a trade secret and I hope I do not offend anyone…We had to put him down and cut his nails short short and cauterize it so that the veins will shrink backwards and he would be up on the pastern.  Trimming around the paws was done to stimulate and fast pace the growth of the leg hair.   Third, his coat had to be conditioned to be in full bloom.  This catch up for his coat conditioning was supplemented with changing 50% of his feed to Pacifica dog food of Acana(while the other 50% was Royal Canin to body him up).  Supplements were used like Missing Link, Omega and the like.  Fourth, was the dedicated training done by Tino disciplining Jet who has been so much spoiled by Gloria..plus his traumatic experience.  I recall about a month before the US trip, Jet was shown.  At the judging table, Jet  would not allow the judge to touch his mouth.  I was so upset with Tino that for a while we were planning to scrap the plan of bringing him to the APC  Nationals.  Fortunately, we did pursue our original plan.Pictured is Jet Li during the Philippine Dog Show Circuit, one month before the Nationals.


Jet Li finished his Philippine title before going to the American Pomeranian Club Nationals in Louisville, Kentucky last March 10-13, 2013.  We arrived the day before the show, with Jet competing upwards from the Red Orange Cream Sable Open Dog Class winning in his class, then Winners Dog, Best of Winners to the Ultimate Best of Breed.  This was a win I never expected and imagined.A once in a lifetime win.I am told that this win is really big because it was from the classes.  The last time this happened was in 1991 with an open bitch named CH.Cenla Annie Laurie O'Friday.  I suppose that makes him the first dog(male) Pomeranian to win the Breed at the APC Nationals from the classes. 

Below is a video clip of Jet Li at the APC Nationals, with a Youtube link just in case there is a problem opening. Enjoy!







It makes Canton Pomeranians proud.  It is also a win that can also serves as an inspiration for the people of my country…just like Manny Pacquiao…or winning a Miss Universe contest.

This accomplishment would not have been realized had it not been for many people who was in the team to make this happen:

Firstly, many thanks to Gloria, for giving Jet back to me.

Secondly, to Sam(Tino’s son) and Gilbert who took care of Jet, conditioning him and going to the pains pf making him swin three times a week…and blow drying him!

Thirdly, to Tinowho took time training Jet again and again until he became a real show dog.

Fourthly, to Chris Heartz, who time and time again would trim my poms prior to the Nationals bringing out the best in them.



Fifthly, to all my friends here in the Philippines and US(including the visiting foreigners) who were supportive of us including the win of Jet Li.

Lastly, to Judge Jackie Stacy, for seeing the beauty of Jet and the hard work that we have invested in him.


After the show, we left Jet Li behind with our friends Carlene and David Gilstrap to finish his American title.  Two weeks after the Nationals, Carlene showed him in two shows in Alabama winning Best of Breed from the classes, with  4 points each show or 8 points.  With his Nationals win of 5 points, he has accumulated 3 majors with 13 points, 2 points short to his American title.  Hopefully, he should finish in the next show which is scheduled another 2 weeks after…UNDEFEATED by any American Pomeranian in the US.

April 12, 2013



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Congratulations, Jet Li!!!! Another pride of the Philippines... I hope that one day I could see the Canton poms in flesh...

Beautiful dog with a beautiful story. Got me sad when i read about his accident. But thankfully he recovered. Congratulations on this fantastic win of Jet Li, Canton Pomeranians!

it feels so good when u em
phasize on hinds.wish u breed more bitchs like his mum.does jetli have some siblings? pics? does genghis khan have ny siblings? I wish u bring in more hadleigh into ur lines..especially for good angulated hinds nd much neater nd refined poms., kudos to ur breeding.congratulations..loved d part on his conditioning..making a pom swim...wow!

I have watched his video several times I love to watch him move, see his very type face and rich color, you have done a great job in his breeding program you should be very proud. Congratulations
Duane A. Gaulke

Such an inspiring pet... and his color is really beautiful.

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on your weblog. Is this a paid theme or did you customize it yourself?
Anyway keep up the excellent quality writing, it is rare to see
a nice blog like this one these days.

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