56: Back to the Basics 1: Getting started with your first pomeranian

When I talk to some breeders, whether they be breeders of Pomeranians or other breeds, I am totally shocked to hear some of their responses. And so, I thought of writing this blog to talk about breeding basics....the very basic basic...starting with acquiring your first puppy. This may be too basic for some, but hopefully, this would be helpful to at least some.
1. Just because a boy and a girl dog are pedigreed from the same breed does not mean they are suitable to bred to each other. Such is the concept of ordinary folks who just want to have a litter of puppies without really thinking out what quality of pups they will be producing. They are not really breeders and very much in the same category as puppy mills who breed for the sake of breeding .....without much regard to quality.
2. Just because a dog is pedigreed does not mean to say it is a good dog. A pedigree merely claims to be purebred, which may not be good quality at all....even though the sire, dam or ancestors are champions. The key to good breeding is proper selection. It will be a big surprise to many, that a breeder(A) who started from one good source would have far far far superior stock compared to another breeder(B) who started from the same source but with poor results. SELECTION for one’s own breeding program and its eventual breeding partner is the key.
3. When you acquire a dog, you have to focus on your purpose...pet, show, or breeding...or a combination. For Pomeranians, you have to decide on the color...and if you are for show or breeding, you have to know the implications of that color in the ring and dexterity of that color in your future breeding program.
4. In evaluating a dog, the main basis is the dog itself and the pedigree. The dog you can see for yourself...based on the assumption that you know structure and the breed standard. The pedigree tells you what exactly is behind the dog is question based on his ancestors....it tells you what cannot be seen physically in the dog...this is such a valuable tool for breeders in selecting their future breeding partners.
5. Before selecting for one’s own breeding stock, it is very important that you know the breed standard, specifically for Pomeranians: AKC(American Kennel Club), KC(Kennel Club – UK) or FCI(Federacion Cynoloque Internationale) BREED STANDARDS. I try to be strict by trying to comply all these three standards whenever possible. Take note and understand what is the very essence of the breed.......what makes a Pomeranian a Pomeranian.....what are the major faults....the right size, etc. These breed standards are available in my website here under BREED INFORMATION. Here is the link: http://www.cantonpomeranians.com/breed-information
6. General knowledge of structure is very important so you must also do some research on the bones of the dog...starting with the teeth, front and rear legs, shoulders, etc.
7. PROPER RESEARCHING is so important in proper selection. Go to a dog show. See what are being shown. Which is the Pomeranian that is most desirable to you and which you think closely fits the breed standard. The dog show is a good place to good show specimens and meet the breeders or at least their agent or representative.
8. Decision should be made on which is your ideal Pomeranian(based on your interpretation fo the standard)...and whenever possible, use that dog as your foundation line.
9. INTERGRITY is foremost and the important criteria of a good breeder. If a breeder fails in this criteria, all the rest will be a domino effect. If a breeder is not honest, there will be doubts about the intergrity of the pedigree....plus general truths claimed about the dog. I heard someone remarked that so and so was the best breeder...even with the qualifying statement that ....” even if he was dishonest.” I found this remark so silly because the lost of integrity opens a Pandora box of worms.
10. General Health and living conditions of the source of your puppy is also very important in making a choice.
11. Everyone wants to get the best stock possible. The high expectation of many is oftentimes unrealistic. Budget, opportunity and a good eye will make all the difference.
The next blog will be about Selecting a partner for your female Pomeranian.
July 25, 2011


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Nicely written, very handy and useful tips. Pomeranians are amazing dogs.

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