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With Ph Ch Canton Classic Star untimely passing away last year, it is very hard to talk about him and anything related to him.  With some good news about the poms he has sired in the US, it is eases up the feeling of waste...at least his good genes can be passed on the international pom kingdom.  Classic Star sired a litter of 3 with CJ-Peep Pomeranians(Susan Langry and Julia Smith, breeders of our Parker son,  Am Ch CJ-Peep Tequila Sunrise).  Follows is the email communication giving the details.




Hi Everyone,

We had an exciting weekend in Salina, KS.  CJ-Peep I'm Justincredible, aka Ella,  went WB on Friday and Sunday picking up a 4 pt. major both days from the Bred-By classes.  CJ-Peep Feelin Groovy, aka Eddy,  went WD, BW and BOB today over several very nice specials for a 5 pt. major.  Ella and Eddy are siblings from CJ-Peep Magic Spell, aka Lil Lucy x PH CH Canton Classic Star.  They made there mom very proud this weekend.  Below are some pics but I'll put up there win pics when I rec' them.  Thanks for letting me brag about my babies!

Julia Smith


Eddy at 11 months                                            Ella at 11 months

                                                                        what a bad mom I am

                                                                        for not having  a more recent pic of her                                                                                  

Emails dated October 3, 2010


Littermate puppies of Ph Ch Canton Classic Star and CJ-Peep Magic Spell at 13 weeks

CJ Peep Feeling Groovy,                      CJ-Peep I’m Justincredible,                    CJ-Peep Don’t Blame Me,   

aka, Eddy                                            aka, Ella                                                 aka, Elsie


Hi Basilio,

The judges over here are going crazy over the Star babies, Ella and Eddy.  Took Eddy a little while to get going because he was a little shy on the table.  He's not quite as outgoing as Ella (who owns the world in her own mind).  However, with time, more training and shows Eddy will overcome this little problem.  I wish we had a video of both of them.  Their movement, especially Eddy's, is out of this world.  Conformationally, Eddy is the most correct.  Straight legs both front and back.  Correct tail, ears perfectly placed, bite perfect, hair coat gorgeous.  I really don't believe he as any faults!  His face is very much like Tiki's.  Just a different face, which is still very pleasing to the eye.  You should be so very proud of your breeding program!!!!!  The quality is obvious.  Virginia's love of the breed has also produced some of the same great qualities.  This particular breeding has been highly successful.

A simple thank you is really not sufficient to show our appreciation for your part in all of this.  Your knowledge of genetics is invaluable and will only continue to help the Pomeranian breed for many years to come.  

We hope that we can soon begin to train and show the Goblet kids.:))))

I must tell you what the Judge said about Eddy.  He stated that Eddy is one of the most correct Poms he has seen in a very long time; and, that he will make a great special!!!!!  We will most assuredly "special" him if we are so blessed to do so.

Thank you so much---take care.  Susan

Email dated  October 5, 2010



Hi Everyone!

We had a great week of showing in Nebraska this last week.  CJ-Peep Feelin Groovy "aka Eddy" was BOB on Friday and Sat., both 3 pt majors.  CJ-Peep I'm Justincrediible "aka Ella" was BOS on Friday and Sun., both 3 pt majors.  ......  Below are pics of Eddy and Ella from their last show in Kansas, these two are litter mates of PH CH Cantons Classic Star x CJ-Peep Magic's Spell "aka Lil Lucy".  Thanks for letting me share.  

Congratulations to all the other winners this last weekend.

Julia Smith


                                        Eddy                                                                                      Ella

Email dated October 25, 2010



I am also looking forward to receiving for a breeding season,a Ph Ch Canton Classic Star son from a Pufpride bitch and bred by Virginia Dimick(Pufpride).  His name is  Pufpride Canton Shinning Star(left).  He is cream sable or what the Japanese call a light wolf sable; therefore should be good for the standard orange, reds, sable, creams and whites.  He should be excellent for my Bravestar daughters since he is a Bravestar grandson. 





There are also 3 Classic Star kids at Canton and they are pictured below:

From left to right Canton Dance with the Stars, Canton Dance to the Rhythm and Canton Dance to the Music. I look forward with excitement what they will eventually be producing for me.

October 6, 2010 (revised October 26, 2010)



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