27: Partnering with Pufpride Pomeranians, breeder of Parker, aka, Am Ch Pufpride Sweet Dreams

Everybody who is in pomeranians should know who is Parker, aka Am Ch Pufpride Sweet Dreams(1).  He is the Number 1 Top Winning and Number 1 Top Producing Pomeranian in US Breed History.  A lot of attention has been given to his handler and present owner but not much credit has been given to his breeder,  Virginia Dimick.  Please refer to my earlier Blog 11 on Parker and Mikee.

About three years ago, I met Virginia and Warren Dimick of Pufpride Pomeranians thru Mary Allan of Allayn Pomeranians.  At that time, I was exploring outcrossing to another line that I could merge with my breeding program. One of the dogs that I tried was Ph Ch Pufpride Cash Attraction(2).  Cash, as he was called was similarly bred to Parker.  Cash’s sire is Mikee, aka Ch Pufpride Million Dollar Baby and who is also a half brother of the dam of Parker; and, Cash’s dam is the littermate of the sire of Parker…more that 75% like the Parker pedigree.  I understand, this was the first Pufpride dog that was went outside the United States.

About this time, I also sent one of my champion bitch, Ph Ch Canton Gambling Fame to be bred to Parker.  This breeding produced a boy namedPh Gr Ch Canton Dreamer at Allayn(3)  and a girl named Canton Daydream at Allayn.  Today, one of my most successful stud dogs is Dreamer, whose puppies are just fabulous, with loads of coat.  Over this weekend, I finished two of his daughters namely, Ph Ch Canton Bridget Jones(4), who is going to Italy, and Ph  Ch Canton Judith(5).

More recently, Virginia and I agreed to partner on our breeding program.  I would lease Ph Ch Canton Classic Star(6) her and she would leasePufpride Mystical Clipper(7) to me.  Clipper, I am told is an FCI International Champion, but some work has to be done consolidating all those CACIB certificates and submitting them to FCI for confirmation.

Classic Star goes back to my Gigolo as the great grandfather three times and had a Windmist maternal grandfather who is basically Chriscendo and therefore is founded on Ch Chriscendo Calvin Klein.  Gigolo himself is by Valentino, whose grandfather is Ch Chriscendo Calvin Klein. The rest of the bloodline is Maxamillion, Hadleigh and Janshar breeding.  So, I thought, amongst all my dogs, he would tie in nicely with Virginia’s line since most of her dogs goes back to  Ch Pufpride Cloudbreaker, a grandson of Ch Chriscendo Calvin Klein; and as some of you may not know, both Parker and Mikee are grandsons of Cloudbreaker. 

Clipper is the sire of Ch Pufpride Somewhere in Time, who is the Number 4 Pom in the US. He is by Ch Pufpride Million Dollar Baby(Mikee) just like Cash.  He is also a half brother half sister breeding of Ch Pufpride Cloudbreaker.  He is Crown Prince at Pufpride and their main stud dog.   To me, everything about him is just fabulous.  I am very excited to see what he will do in my breeding program.

Also arriving the other day with Clipper is Tiki, aka,  Am Ch CJ Peep Tequilla Sunrise(8). He is a Parker son from a Finch bitch that is by a Chriscendo dog bred to a Travis daughter. His pedigree and his looks just makes me so hopeful that Tiki will do well with my Canton bitches.  Thank you Susan and Julia for this wonderful boy.

And so, with a lot from Parker and Mikee in my breeding program, there will be more exciting things to come at Canton Pomeranians.


 June 18, 2009


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