26: A Tribute to Ph HOF Am Ch Canton the Gigolo(Philippines) 1997-2009

Gigolo passed away peacefully in his sleep on May 23, 2009, at the age of 12. 

Before I ever became involved in dogs, whenever I see a dog obituary, I would wonder and even comment of the pettiness of doing such a thing.  But now, after being involved in Pomeranians for 32 years, and now that my Gigolo has  passed away, I somehow want to talk about him and his contribution to the Pomeranian breed.

In the late mid 90s,  I have been mixing the Hadleigh bloodline(mainly the sons and grandson of Eng Ch Derronill Maxamillion)  with the American lines(mainly Janshar, majority of which came to me) with a lot of success. This served as my own  foundation strain. But somehow, I wanted that movement of Ch Finch He Walks on Water…that front drive and at the same time, maintain and hopefully improve on that balanced profile that I already had.  I have been asking various pom people for information on  any exciting Pomeranian that gave them goose bumps – so that I could breed to them.  I would say my focus was on movement and profile. To this day, this is my focus.   Several names were mentioned, and I tried a few.  Most of them were good decisions but the best thing that I ever did was flying my bitch, Canton Sparkling Coral all the way from the Philippines to be bred to Am Ch Valcopy Wakham Valentino.  That produced my Gigolo.

When Gigolo was born, he was my first black dog.  He did not look like any of the beautiful puppies that I was used to producing.  In fact, I thought he was rather ugly and his structure seemed to be falling into pieces as he grew.  I tried to sell him but nobody wanted to buy him.  After a month or so, without any takers, I decided to keep him instead based on the rationale that since I spent so much money producing him, I might as well just wait and see what happens.  It was a long wait but at 18 months, he became a totally different dog.  Somehow, his face changed for the better to a pretty chowey face, not really my type of headpiece, but nevertheless, quite nice; very nice for those who like this style.  His body straightened up, his legs became better and somehow he became a shorter compact dog….it was as if, his chest opened up and it absorbed part of the torso, making his body super compact. Being an up on leg pom, his short back made a magnificent  silhouette.  He then started exhibiting a breath-taking side movement and profile. With his triple AAA personality, he was magic.   I recall, when he strutted in show ring, there would seem always be a change from a noisy dog show venue with people talking around the ring to an always noticeable dead silence as if people watching were in awe of him.  He then had big wins, Best in Show wins….and lots of fans. 

He went to the United States for his American title.  Jackie Rayner was very pleased with him winning Group/Group Placements and he finished very quickly.  When he came back home, he continued his Specials career  in the Philippines.  Perhaps, the climax of his show career was winning 2 Best in Show(All Breed) in the daytime of December 7, 2002, followed by another BIS win at the first Philippine Battle of the Champions in the evening of that  same day.  The Battle of the Champions was by invitation only to the top dogs of various breeds adjudicated by 6 judges from different countries.  Each competing dog was evaluated by all these judges according to various criteria and all these step to step evaluation was reflected in a huge screen to be seen by everybody.  All this hype made the occasion more exciting for everybody. All the way, Gigolo was rated excellent.  The others would falter is some criteria, thus, making Gigolo the unanimous Best in Show winner.  O, what a day!

Gigolo was also a good stud dog too.  His puppies were quite different from what I was used to.  Their bodies were chunkier, like solid rock.  He stabilized my shrinking sizes giving my breeding program a future.  Otherwise, by this time, all my bitches would have been tinies, too small to breed or expect anything from them. Now, his body structure is stamped in our breeding program.   He produced  20 champions locally, making him by far the Number 1 Top Producing Pomeranian in Philippine history.  He also produced 2 American champions during his limited stay at Janshar Pomeranians.

  1. Ph HOF Canton Braveheart
  2. Ph Ch Canton Light My Fire
  3. Ph Ch Canton Black Pearl
  4. Ph Ch Canton Buttons and Ribbons
  5. Ph Ch Canton Black Walnut
  6. Ph Ch Canton Little Man
  7. Ph Ch Canton Beautiful Star
  8. Ph Ch Canton Beau Geste
  9. Ph Ch Canton Black Sassy
  10. Ph Ch Canton Black King
  11. Ph Ch Canton Black Silk
  12. Ph Ch Canton Black Saracen
  13. Ph Ch Canton Black Rasberry
  14. Ph Ch Canton Lolita
  15. Ph Ch Canton Legally Black
  16. Ph Ch Canton Legal Wife
  17. Ph Ch Canton Legitimately Black
  18. Ph Ch Canton Black Ice
  19. Ph Ch Canton Black Playgirl
  20. Ph Ch Canton Fame and Fortune
  21. Am Ch Janshars Raven
  22. Am Ch Janshars Bedazzled 

His grandchildren and great-grandchildren are all scattered around the world in 5 continents:  US, Europe, Asia, Australia and South Africa.  Worthy of mention are:  Australian Grand Champion Canton Country Classic who was the Number 1 Pomeranian in Australia;  South African Champion Canton Black Charmer of Shemaur, Russian Grand Champion Canton Red Fire,  Indian Champion Canton Black Gladiator, and many others.

Today, most, if not all of Canton Pomeranians will go back to Gigolo, one way or another.  Though he has passed away, we will see him again thru his descendants….and he will live on…

Left:      Ph HOF Canton Braveheart, our best surviving son of Gigolo;

Center:  Ph HOF Am Tha Ch Canton Bravestar, a double grandson of Gigolo and the new   

              flag carrier of Canton Pomeranians;

Right:    Ph Ch Canton Classic Star, a triple grandson of Gigolo, now going to the US on

              lease to Pufpride Virginia Dimmick.


May 29, 2009


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