25: International Cooperation via Leasing

Everyone in the Pomeranian fancy is in the race to own better and better Pomeranians in pursuit of perfection.  Like arts and culture, the walls of differences and prejudices are supposed to break down because of common human interests.  I recall during the time of US President Nixon, the China-US relationship became better because of sports.


The Bible says that if people are united, they can do anything.  I am amazed to the point of envy, to see how pom people can be united and work together for their common good.  There is the global sharing of their best dogs rotating around the world.  Congratulations to John and Chris Heartz(Chriscendo-Canada), Chaivat Toby Tangkaravakun(Tokie-Thailand), Judy Green(Razzle Dazzle-Canada) and Elizabeth Heckert(Silhouette-US) for this commendable cooperation.

John and Chris Heartz has now with them for stud service:  

      (1)Am Tha Tokie the Legend Continues  (who goes back to their line) ...on lease

      (2)Can Ch Silhouette Speak It Right(who was sired by their dog) ...owned by them

Tokie Pomeranians has now with them on lease:

      (3)Am Ch Razzle Dazzle Hat Dance(from Judy Green)

      (4)Am Ch Silhouette's Speakeasy

I wish I could do something like this with top breeders around the world.  That could be quite exciting.


May 15, 2009


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