10: Ms Heartbreaker Comes Home

Left: Ph Ch Canton Ms Heartbreaker; Right: Can Am Ch Chriscendo Call to Arms

Ph Ch Canton Ms Heartbreaker came home to Manila this Monday after a short honeymoon with Am Can Ch Chriscendo Call to Arms, aka Colt, the top #1 stud dog is the US for a period of time.  We are very hopeful of a litter end of August 2008.   Thank you Chris and John  for the breeding!
For those who are fascinated with pedigrees, Colt is the littermate of Ph Ch Chriscendo Colorado.
Sending dogs back and forth to Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada is quite complicated.   There is no airline originating from the Manila that goes to Halifax(without changing airline) except for Continental and they do not carry dogs to Halifax.  I had to arrange for a friend in Vancover to do the reshipment back and forth for me.  Thank you  William!
William Ho(aka Chi Kai Ho) is an old old friend who used to live in Hongkong but is now a resident of Vancouver.  He is known for his Chikai Pomeranians.  His foundation stock is basically Paddockwood and long the way he has incorporated new bloodlines to his stock;  Chriscendo, Starfire among others. Sometime ago, Albert Lim imported some poms from him.  I remember  Chikai Christmas Gift finished his Philippine title.


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is this litter have BSD? because Colt produce many BSD pup

Colt has also produced dogs without bsd.
Unfortunately, this breeding did not take.

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